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This tool is designed to spawn custom procedural foliage on top of specific actors in the scene using an editor tool.


Table of Contents

Editor Tool Properties

This section details some of the tool properties.

Custom Procedural Foliage

Used to scatter procedural foliage on top of actors in the scene.

  • Custom Instanced Mesh

    • Must be of the CustomInstancedMesh custom c++ class.

    • Will be spawned for each spawn class, and managed by the tool to instance static meshes and place them on actors.

  • Match Tag

    • Only actors found with this tag in the world will be scattered/spawned upon.

  • Remove Tag

    • Leave alone, as its used to remove previously created instances for re-sim.


Note this actor must be placed in the scene, and used in the editor only.

  • Inherits from CustomProceduralFoliage c++ class.

  • Spawn Classes

    • The desired static meshes to spawn

  • Spawn Density

    • Matching each spawned class density to place instances on actors.

  • Scale min-max

    • Used for variance

Custom Instanced Static Mesh

This actor is used as a placeholder spawner class, and will be spawned and managed by the CustomProceduralFoliage actor, on a per mesh basis.

  • Other than Culling, no properties are required to be changed.


NOTE: This actor does NOT get placed in the scene manually, and will be managed by another tool.

  • Inherits from CustomInstancedStaticMesh c++ class.

  • Does not require any properties to be setup/changed

  • Acts as a “per mesh” spawn class for the Custom Procedural Foliage actor.

Example Usage

An example of the tool being used on a 800Kx800K unreal unit terrain to scatter grass, rocks and small plants onto the previously scattered terrace actors.