Goofish Open World Tools


Goofish Optimization

This tool is used to perform various optimization tasks, such as assisting with managing world composition tiles, and moving actors to those tiles, based on their position in the world.

Goofish Optimization Tool




Custom Actor/Blueprint Spawner with Procedural Vine/Spline draping Tool.

This tool allows for placing vast amounts of actors/blueprints in the world ( specifically not using instanced static mesh ) and draping procedural splines/vines across these, including scattering procedural instanced static foliage on top of these ( useful for scattering terrace type actors, and draping and scattering foliage )

Custom Actor with Procedural Vine Draping Tool




Custom Procedural Foliage Spawner Tool.

This tool is specifically designed to spawn procedural instanced static meshes on top of previously spawned actors/blueprints, matched using actor tags.

Custom Procedural Foliage Spawner Tool




Procedural Tools Plugin

This tool allows for highly optimized spawning and placement of hierarchical instanced foliage, across massively large open world terrains.

Procedural Tools Plugin




Procedural Cave System

This tool generates editor or real time fully procedural cave system.

Cave System Plugin